Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Favorite

Melissa already blogged about our outing here, so this seems a little redundant, but of course I want to include it in my blog book for this year, so here goes.

This is the Place Heritage Park is a "living history" pioneer village. We added it to our summer bucket list after buying groupons, and we were able to squeeze it in after swimming and tennis ended and before leaving for Bear Lake and the start of the school year. I'm so glad we did, it was really fun!

This photo seems especially appropriate during rivalry week. (I'm really posting this on 9/16/11—the day before the Utah/BYU game.) Go Utes!

We saw some pioneer cabins, and the kids got to help with the chores. Of course they thought it was fun to scrub the laundry on washboards and beat the rugs, but ask them them to take their clothes to the laundry room and vacuum? Yeah, you guessed it.

Our cute friend Natalie and her cute sister were volunteering up there with their kids, so it was fun to see them. The kids were all lined up on the boardwalk listening to the fiddlers play when the bank was robbed. Fun.

They made crafts at Social Hall, and played pioneer games in one of the nicer houses.

The girls both wore their "pioneer" hats.

They all loved being shaved at the barber. Apparently it tickled.

Panning for gold was a big hit too. They were able to turn it in for some salt water taffy.

At the Indian village they each made an arrowhead necklace and explored the wigwam and mud hut.

We went back "downtown" to the Z.C.M.I. candy store and told the kids they could choose a candy or get an ice-cream at the parlor next door.

Ainsley was the only one of my kids who opted for candy. I think she might still have this sucker.

The school was a highlight. They wrote their names on the slates and learned about discipline during pioneer days. They all loved the dunce cap.

Hmm, might have to try this at home. ;)

Last, we went to the stables and rode the horses. We probably should have hit this earlier, they all wanted to keep riding, but I had to get to back-to-school night.

This will definitely be on our list for next year. In fact, if the kids have their way, we'll be back up there for Halloween and Christmas...

Hoping for another groupon!

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