Friday, August 26, 2011

Man it's a hot one...

Like seven inches from the midday sun...

In spite of that, Melissa and I had planned a visit to Tracy Aviary on Friday, since we couldn't fit it in before school started, and we needed to go before our groupons expired. When the temperature reached near a hundred degrees we reconsidered, but some of the kids had their hearts set on it, so we went. Joey opted out, arguing that it was way too hot, and he was right.

It was okay, I guess, although too hot, and birds are really not my thing. I don't think we ever need to go back.

The kids wore their swimsuits so we could go to the fountains at Liberty Park afterward, but we were all so hot we ended up going to the club to swim instead. It is the only time this entire year we made it over for open plunge, and they all took advantage of the chance to go off the diving boards.

I never loved the high-dive, but I've always encouraged the kids to go for it.

It's not too bad watching Robbie, Joey or Ellie take the plunge...

But my baby?

She thinks she's just as big as the rest of them.

I get a little bit of vertigo just looking at the photos.

I hope my grandma isn't having a heart attack looking at these.

Turns out, she loves it.

It couldn't have been worse than sitting by the pool in my hot clothes, that's for sure. :)

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Amy said...

I've never been to Tracy Aviary, and your ringing endorsement has me convinced I probably never will.

I've also never jumped off a high-dive. Those shots kill me.