Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Rob

We came home from Webelos Camp to find this in our yard:

Nice work, Melissa.

I was glad there was something festive for Rob's birthday, since I only had a small book of Billy Collins poetry to give him. Luckily, in the hour-and-a-half left before he got home, I had a shopping miracle, and was able to buy a new chair for his office, and some new clothes. The girls supplied the homemade cards (lots of sequins, which are now banned from our house!).

We all "hid" behind his desk and yelled surprise when he came in.

After he opened his presents we went to dinner at San Francisco Sourdough Pizza (not really a favorite, just close to the dollar theater—we were rushed).

We stopped in across the street for dessert, and then went to see Rango. Plan A was Settebello's, followed by Cowboys v. Aliens. Rob was a good sport to switch to Plan B so the kids could be a part of the celebration.

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