Friday, July 22, 2011

Peter Breinholt Concert

I didn't go to my first concert until I was in the ninth grade (Thompson Twins at the Special Events Center). Our kids, on the other hand, are veterans, with the Peter Breinholt Sandy Amphitheater show as (yet another) favorite summer tradition. The Stringhams and the Dunfords have been with our core group for the past three years, joined this year by the Boydens and Marti.

We have to get there pretty early to secure our front row lawn space, but the wait is never boring. We usually bring our dinner and eat it while we wait. I'm not sure how much dinner Ainsley ate once the Boydens broke out the blue cotton-candy though...

After dinner, the arm wrestling began—Robbie v. Lindsay or Lauren. There was a lot of cheering by the respective genders. I'm not really sure who emerged as champion.

The younger kids played around on the hill.

And we had time to take group photos. Beautiful girls. And Peter, who wasn't about to be left out.

One of the highlights this year was seeing Josh (Boyden) piping during Too Cold a Stone. Rob set him up with this gig when Pete asked if he knew any pipers. Josh was awesome, and promised Rob he'd play for free at his funeral for the favor. Hopefully not anytime soon.

The kids all ran to the front to dance during You Wear Flowers and were happy when Pete said, "Hey, it's the Marsh kids."

Good times.


Julie said...

Ahhh, what fun! Next year, we're there - we'll even plan our family vacation around the concert so we don't miss out again :-) . . .

Swimmingmom said...

So Fun! I miss that. I always loved his concerts. How fun that you have such a good group of friends there.