Saturday, July 2, 2011

Now that summer is pretty much over...

Hopefully I'll have time to get back to blogging. Although I'm back-dating this for my own OCD needs, I'm actually writing it on August 28th. The kids have been in school for a full week. It's Sunday, and it was a great morning. All three meetings at church inspired me. In sacrament meeting we heard a great talk about the Sabbath day, and how we can set it apart from the other days. Afterward, I jokingly told Rob that maybe I could blog on Sunday, that'd definitely be a departure from the norm. I'm ready to catch up, and once again enjoy this way of remembering moments and connecting with friends. So much has happened, I'll try to hit the highlights.

So, back to July 2nd, the Stringham's annual Summer Solstice Party. This year postponed a bit, so without the solstice part.

It's one of the kids favorite events of the year. I wonder why...

We adults love the chance to get together with friends we don't see nearly enough.

My favorite line of the night was from Samantha. I was looking for the girls, and found them in the field behind the yard, so naturally I pulled out my camera. Samantha yelled "Oh no! The paparazzi!" Ha ha. I get that a lot.

The bounce house was even more fun this year, with a water slide. Good thing, because it was HOT.

Joey and Samantha, who didn't run away from the camera this time. These two make me smile. They're both so smart and creative, and the best of friends (except when they're mad at each other :).

Peter was not at all afraid of the paparazzi.

Good food, good company, a bounce house, a pinata, as many leis as you can wear...the Stringhams know how to party.

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