Monday, July 12, 2010

A couple of days late

This wasn't taken today—it's the photo I should have used to restart last Saturday, but I took it using Shawn's iPhone and just grabbed it on his blog yesterday (thanks, not just for the photo, but for the post—it made me laugh). You can read it here—Shawn is a much better storyteller than I am. The only thing I can add is that in addition to running 10 miles roundtrip to take this shot, I came within about 5 inches of a large snake of unknown species on my way there. The really great photo would have been the jump and sprint following that encounter. Anyway, Rob rocked the hill climb. He's been tearing it up on his bike all season long. He should be in great shape for LOTOJA this year. I'm so proud.


The Kyles said...

Michelle, I need to come out and start running with you again! By the way, you have the CUTEST kids!!! The pictures of their birthdays are adorable!!!

The Photo Scrooge? said...

I am proud to finally give you something to be proud of.