Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A few of my favorite things

And I mean things, not people, not things I like to do, actual objects.

I know I've mentioned most of these before, but I'm hoping to cover the basics today and update occasionally as things come to mind.

1. My camera.

It's a Nikon D90. It's not as convenient to carry around as a small point & shoot, but the photo quality more than makes up for it. I love that I can shoot HD quality video with it. I currently have the 18-55 mm and 55-200 mm lenses, and I'm coveting the 70-300 mm. Oh, and I love my camera bag too.

2. Photos. My Mac.


3. My sandals.

They're Dansko Lolita's, and for the past three summers I've had a pair in brown and one in black. I wear them every single day. I might need to stock up in case they discontinue this style. The red ones are really cute too. Oh, and since they're in the background of this photo, I love my couch and ottoman too.

4. Cereal.

I should really do a separate post for foods I love, but cereal would be in the top five. Quick, easy, delicious, nutritious—what's not to love? My current favorite is Kashi GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax.

5. My bed.

It's an IntelliBed, and it was worth every penny. Every time we take a trip now, I have to evaluate whether it'll be worth missing this comfy mattress.

6. Good books.

Pretty sure I've never mentioned this before. :)

7. My iPod.

Okay, technically this is Rob's iPod. But mine isn't holding a charge anymore so I've commandeered his. I love music while I'm running, listening to an audio book while I clean, and one of these days I need to get some video footage of the kids listening, since they like to sing along.


Aimerz said...

I love reading your blog! That entry was so cute! Ü p.s. I love your sandals as well...so cute!

Natalie said...

oh, hi. this is why we're friends.