Thursday, July 15, 2010

Girl's night out

Alright, we didn't go out to eat, or go see the latest vampire movie, or sit around gossiping, but a running clinic counts, right? Mandy (in the background, wearing red), Melissa, Lupita, and Krisse are not even signed up for a marathon, but came with me anyway to a free marathon training clinic at TOSH. I was impressed with the nutritionist, orthopedist and physical therapists who taught us—they crammed a ton of information into an hour-and-a-half. It could have easily been a four-week series. I'll definitely be implementing some of their tips on form, flexibility and core strength into my training plan. I'm also planning on checking out some of their other classes, if anyone wants to come along:

Free B.E.S.T. Sports Nutrition Clinics, August 4th—Cooking 101
September 1st—School lunches

$5 Nutrition at Noon Workshops Includes lunch

$15 Adult Sports Nutrition Includes dinner

And Shawn, they didn't cover any aspect of motivation/sports psychology/mental training, so I'm counting on you for that.


Melissa said...

I'm interested in all of the above. However, on the school lunch one, I need information on how to get my kids to actually eat the nutritious food that I provide. Do you think that will be included?

Natalie said...

dang. i wanted to go. you'll have to tell me all about it. maybe over some ben folds.

Julie said...

Ok, you've given me hope that my blog is worth salvaging :-). It has been fun getting caught up on your happenings and I can't wait to hear what you learned at the clinic - how was Joel - awesome advice I'm sure! I'm sad I missed, but the good news is that Sophie ROCKED at her meet - took 2nd in the county 400m.