Wednesday, July 21, 2010

H26 Summer Party

H26 stand for Holladay 26th Ward. Every summer we have a great party at Canyon Rim Park, and this year the party committee outdid themselves. When we pulled into the parking lot and the kids saw the inflatable slides they had the doors open before we came to a complete stop. They also loved the face art and rocket launching. After dinner we had a talent show, which in most church groups is scary, or at best, laughable. Peter Breinholt was in charge of ours, so it was more like a private concert. And it wasn't just Pete—even the last minute performers and the four year-old were awesome. They opened up the mike for jokes and both Joey and Robbie volunteered. I was a little worried, since I've never heard them tell a funny joke, but they did okay with the twelve-and-under crowd. It was fun. We are lucky to rub shoulders with exceptional people on a regular basis.

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