Saturday, July 17, 2010

A guest post from Robbie:

This week my dad and I went to Zions for scout camp. We did some cool hikes: Angel's Landing and the Narrows. On Angel's Landing, we went a little farther than the first chains. At the Narrows, we hiked so long and I worked so hard, I fell asleep easily on the hard ground. That night I had a nightmare. I had to walk a 500 mile hike, while I'm starving with no food to eat, thirsty with nothing to drink, and needing to go to the bathroom when I'm surrounded by people. My dad listened to me all night saying,"no... no..." with me rolling around and hitting him. I still had fun though, and I learned another card game, B.S. Also, we built a dam in the Virgin River. I caught tadpoles in the river and saw some wildlife: deer, lizards, plenty of birds, fish, a frog, cows, horses, and an ostrich. I had the time of my life. Here are some of the pictures we took:

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Rachelle said...

That is awesome!! You are so lucky Robbie, even we haven't done the Narrows...YET! Thanks for sharing.