Thursday, August 19, 2010

Being the "yes" mom

I have a feeling that if I had someone recording every word I said and ranking them, "stop," "don't" and "no" would be pretty high on the list. So today I tried to say yes more. "Can we go to the park?" Yes. "Can we invite the Stringhams?" Yep.

Can we get slurpees? Sure. Just doing our part to keep Dr. Boyden in business.

Yes to serving five different things for lunch today, yes to playing the Wii (probably too late to start summer enrichment at this point).

Do we have to go to SEP's (that's what they call parent-teacher conferences now)? YES. That's right, you too Rob. See, I'm getting really good at saying yes.

Mrs. Price and Robbie.

Mrs. Pettit and Joey.

Mrs. Rohaj and Ellie.

After hearing about Melissa's SEP experience, I must say, I'm relieved. We only have one get-to-know-you assignment for Monday, and the usual expectations for reading, math facts and spelling. I'll keep practicing my "yes" when the kids ask if they have to do their homework.

Oh, and I also said yes when Rob suggested we go out for dinner. I could get used to this. :)

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