Thursday, August 5, 2010

Like a Virgin

I don't like seafood. And I always figured that the only thing that could possibly be worse was raw seafood. So although Rob swears it's the yummiest thing that's ever been in his mouth, I have avoided sushi. Well, I did try it once, about 13 years ago, but Rob says it doesn't count because it was "grocery-store" sushi.

But when Amy suggested Takashi for dinner, I figured any kind of hazing would be worth it to hang out with the Israelsens and the Farmers. Rob was happy to have a chance to convert me. was surprisingly good. No fishy taste. No weird texture. I liked it. Especially the sunshine roll. I did not try the sashimi, and I don't see myself craving sushi at this point, but I will go again. Especially if it's with these guys:

I asked Rob if he would be horrified if I brought my camera along, and he told me he was used to it by now. Hopefully I didn't embarrass anyone else too much. :)

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Julie said...

I want to know what led to this seating arrangement?? LOL - looks like you and Rob tried to stay as far apart from each other as possible ;-).

Hmmm, after listening to your experience this morning and now reading about it, maybe I should give Sushi another try . . . or not.