Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just a recap

I wish that I could always turn my daily photo idea into something clever or meaningful, but most days all I can muster is a recap of events.

Today was our last day of swim team, Ellie took 1st place in her heat for the 25 yard backstroke. She wore her medal all day. Awesome.

I got to go to lunch with Rachel and Marianne at Elizabeth's English Bakery and Tea Shop. The Welsh Rarebit and cucumber sandwiches were good, but the company was excellent. Why don't I spend more time with my friends?!

Oh, yeah, it's because I have kids. Here are the girls, after their haircuts this afternoon. Now that swimming is over it was time to lose the chlorine-damaged hair. Ainsley wanted hers as short as Ellie's. It's cute, but she looks so much older!

Then to top it all off, we went to the After Conference Party at the club. It was such a gorgeous, perfect night! Unfortunately there was lightning down south, so the kids couldn't swim, but they enjoyed the pizza, snow cones, ice-cream and hanging out.

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