Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy Saturday

We were up at 5:30, me for a 12-mile run with Mandy, and Rob off on his bike for about 70 miles (including a new PR for Emigration Canyon, 32:39). I came home in time to fix french toast for the sleepover crowd, then cleaned house and went grocery shopping. Meanwhile, Ellie got to go to lunch and pick out yarn for the blanket Grandma's knitting for her. Robbie got to go orienteering with Shawn and Jonas (thanks again Shawn!) and then over to Grandma's pool for more scouting fun. To top it all off, we had another Nichol family reunion. Round one was just two weeks ago, with my first cousins. Today was a bigger group, my mom's cousins.

Singing the Tooty-ta song:
Then home for a little lawn-mowing and Sunday prep. As much as I don't like the afternoon schedule, I'm grateful for the chance to sleep in!

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