Sunday, February 6, 2011

I love these.

I would never copy a professional photo, but I'm so excited to show the great portraits of the kids by Richard Busath, I'm thinking it's okay to show low-res proofs here. Anyone know the protocol on this? Hopefully this would be considered free advertising from a very happy client.

I ordered 12x12 prints of each of these:

And a collage of 5x5's that will look like this:

We should have the prints about the same time we go in for our family sitting, March 11th. I can't wait to hang them on the wall, and I'll be sure to post the finished product.


Rachelle said...

Darling. You've done it right, put his name down as the photographer and posted pics with his water mark (not scanned in prints). Beautiful kids!

Marsh Mayhem said...

You OUGHT to love these, they're darling!! What a photogenic family you have!