Thursday, March 27, 2008

Does this prove that I'm not a slacker?

Because I am obviously still feeling defensive after coming across as a slacker in the SL Trib (see sidebar), I am posting this photo as evidence—you be the judges.  Yes, it's a photo of the girls napping after a busy day, but look closely at the couches.  These are the same couches we purchased just before Robbie was born, so they've seen us through 10 years, 1 dog and 4 kids.  Aside from the color, which definitely dates them, they're in pretty good shape.  Now I ask you, if I had spent the majority of my time for the past ten years sitting on the couch, wouldn't you expect a little more wear (at least a huge indention)?  Right.  Now that that's cleared up, I need to go see if I can scoot one of the girls over a little so I can get some R & R. :)

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Marsh Mayhem said...

Check the sofa in the basement.