Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tex Mex Egg Rolls

Since I already admitted that we sometimes consume more calories than Lance Armstrong could burn off, I might as well post one of few (semi) original recipes, which is clearly not a diet meal. Last month we had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, and I had their Tex Mex Egg Rolls, which were divine. I came home and did a Google search hoping to find a similar recipe, but didn't think any of them sounded as good as the original. So here's what I came up with, and it's pretty darn good if you're not opposed to fried foods. Actually, I don't have any idea how many calories these contain...they just taste so good I figure they must be sinful. Feel free to leave a comment if you want me to e-mail you a copy of the PDF—I can't figure out how to put it on here except as a JPEG. Edited: you can click on the recipe to enlarge and print it as is.

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