Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wii love the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny has been good to us. Not only does he accommodate our request to come on Saturday instead of Sunday, but check out what he left in my basket!
Rob had a deal with the boys that if they ate no candy at home from Halloween to the end of the school year, we would get a Wii. He thought they'd only last a couple of weeks, but they've surprised us. I thought we might be better off in the long run if the Wii belonged to me though, so there's no questioning the house rules of when it can be played. I guess the Bunny read my mind! And many thanks to whoever does the shopping for the Bunny—she saved me a lot of searching time. :)

After filling up on candy at Jim & Joan's annual egg hunt, the boys are now ready to throw it out so they can earn a couple of games (Star Wars Legos is their current obsession). 
This year's egg hunt was fabulous, as usual.  It was great to see all the Nichol cousins and the amazing kitchen remodel.  The kids love to go there even when they aren't loading up with candy, so they were in heaven today.  I'm going to try to get a slideshow on the sidebar soon, since, as usual, I took too many photos.


Marsh Mayhem said...

Congratulations on the Wii! I'm afraid that Matt will want to move in along with Jonas ... he's constantly trying to convince me that a Wii is essential to his success in whatever grad school he picks. Silly guy!

driley said...

It was fun while it lasted -- my weekly visits with my nephews because they wanted to play our Wii. I guess we'll see you all on the next holiday / birthday / funeral / etc.