Thursday, March 20, 2008

Knight of the Multiplication Table

Yesterday morning I got a phone call with caller ID of "Schools Public," which any parent can tell you is usually not a good thing.  But it was Robbie, saying "Mom, I just wanted to remind you that it's the knighting ceremony today."  I had seen the note inviting parents to attend, and put it on my calendar but had forgotten to talk to him about it, so I was wondering if he would want me there.  I'm told that we're not too far away from that stage when he will deny even knowing me in public, so I was happy to get this phone call and to go to the school.  Also, since my couch-supervising parenting style does not typically include any math coaching (in fact, there is some question as to whether I would be able to pass off the multiplication table in the timed tests), I am proud of Robbie, because he truly accomplished this third-grade feat on his own.  Great job, Robbie! 

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