Thursday, March 6, 2008

These photos are deceiving

It looks like I might be posting about food this might even be turning into a food blog, but no, this is a celebration of three everyday life blessings.
1) I spent less than $100 at Costco today!
2) I only had to take one child with me, and as we like to say, "one is none." I vowed long ago I would never again take all four (I think it was after the time that Robbie gagged himself and threw up on Joey, who then freaked out for the duration of our shopping. I can't remember what I was shopping for, but it was something critical that we couldn't leave without getting. Ainsley is generally a great shopping buddy, and she is in heaven right now as she enjoys a feast of blueberries, strawberries and baby oranges for lunch. I really want to spend more one-on-one time each of my kids. They are so pleasant when they aren't annoying/bossing/bickering with each other.
3) I LOVE my new camera. My other digital point and shoot cameras always produced blurry shots. Thanks again, Mom & Dad, Davy, Chris & Cara!
There are plenty of other things in these photos to produce gratitude (like food in the house and no chance of running out of toilet paper for at least a week) but I really need to get back to my laundry.

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