Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Busy day

Once I got the kids off to school and Ainsley to preschool it was non-stop. Went to Target for groceries, then the Distribution center for more military sized scriptures (I need to make five more, including one for Ainsley—one of these days I need to see if I can catch her "reading" and record it, it's hilarious). Then it was back home for a cub scout planning meeting, which ended just in time to get Ainsley to ballet. While she was there I went to the hardware store for scout supplies and barely managed to get everything together in time for our 4:00 den meeting. Made it home by 5:30, fixed grilled cheese for the kids, and headed to the ward since it was our night to clean the church. I did manage a photo there:
Rob had a bishopric meeting, so I took the kids home, had them all shower and tucked them in, and then collapsed into bed myself at 9:20.

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