Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Happy Mother's Day

Rob and the kids do an exceptional job of making me feel appreciated most of the time, but even more so on Mother's Day. Fortunately all of Rob's Sunday morning meetings were cancelled, so just having him around to help get all the kids ready for church was a treat. On top of that, I got to sleep in, and woke up to the smells of a delicious hot breakfast. Rob tells me there was a lot of talk about what to get me—Ainsley suggested a loaf of store-bought bread. She's the only one who doesn't love my new habit of making homemade bread. When that idea was shot down, she decided a new swimming suit would be just the thing, since swimming season starts tomorrow. Maybe if I gave up the homemade bread I could get excited about putting on a swimsuit. :) Instead, I was happy to receive gifts the kids made at school, some new slippers, a shirt and a new iPod.
But it really is not about the gifts they give me, it is the gift that they are to me. I love these kids. I've used Mother's Day (and Father's Day) as an excuse to get shots with them individually for a few years now, and they're learning to just smile and humor me so they'll be done more quickly.
We got to spend time with both sets of grandparents after church, and I realized that although I've taken photos of them with each grandchild as a baby, we didn't have many recent photos. So they posed for me too.
I'm so grateful for my mom and Rob's mom. For my grandmas and all of the moms who inspire me.
Happy Mother's Day!

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Melissa said...

the pictures of you and your kids are really cute!