Wednesday, May 12, 2010


No, we're not taking a trip to Carlsbad. We don't have to, we've got Legoland going on right here at home. At 9 1/2 and 11 1/2, the boys have pretty much outgrown their trains, cars, action figures, dinosaurs, etc. It's only been ten years since we started that toy collection, which is now obsolete. I'm glad they still like to play with Legos. I don't even mind the mess. In only ten years the Legos will have been long boxed up and the boys will be in the mission field and college. Ten years, which I know now is like the blink of an eye. So I'll enjoy Legoland while I can.


Rachelle said...

Hey Michelle, I would love to know how you do or don't have these organized? Since I am "just starting" with the bigger lego sets, do I keep them separated by sets or just throw them all together?

Michelle said...

Rachelle, we do not keep them organized at all, as you can probably see in the photos. We do keep the instructions, so they can build something again, assuming they can find the parts in all of the chaos, but usually after they've built it once they just create their own variations, using pieces from mixed sets. I know Ginny still has her boys' legos all separated and still in the original boxes. That's probably the ideal system, but if we still had all our original boxes it'd take up half the basement. We use their train table and just put all the pieces in the drawers. I'm sure you'll much more organized than I am! :)

Marsh Mayhem said...

Michelle -- My brother leaves on his mission in a week and a half ... and he was playing Legos with Charlie (by his own manipulations) as we were saying our goodbyes. Maybe don't plan on getting rid of those legos in only 10 years!! ;)

As a result of his lego obsessions (and he's going to Denmark ... the birthplace of Legos), my mom invested in two or three plastic storage 3-drawer sets. They've organized the legos by color ... with each getting its own drawer, and she's kept the instructions in a binder just for legos. But as I said, severe obsession is the cause!