Saturday, May 1, 2010

Party day

Tomorrow my Grandpa Vern turns 95. We had a party for him today. The kids were impressed to learn that 80 of those years he has been an avid skier. He started at age ten, skiing and jumping regularly with his good friends Alf Engen and Jack Walker, and didn't stop skiing until age 90. It was fun to put some photos of the kids skiing in the cards they made for him. Hopefully he won't be able to tell that they're at Park City, not Alta. :)
Here are some of the great-grandkids singing happy birthday. It was fun to see so many from my mom's extended family.

Before the birthday party, Rob took the kids to Free Comic Book day at the local store, where they scored comic books, balloons and drawings from some comic book artists. Not too bad for a lousy-weather Saturday.

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