Monday, May 10, 2010

Proof that I'm not a very good mom

Joey was so excited to give me the gift he made at school. Of course I smiled when I opened it, and thanked him, and loved that he wrote "I love you mom very much" on the letter C. I appreciated the irony that I had spent four hours die-cutting these letters out of cardboard for his teacher. But, this is just not my style. And my mom, grandma and husband will all be first in line to tell you that I don't keep things simply out of sentimentality. Sorry, it's a personality flaw, I know.
So I'm hoping that Joey will be okay with me re-purposing these letters. We'll see them every time we walk into the house here. Anyone want a wicker plaque?
And for those of you who only get to enjoy Rob's sense of humor on his blog, I'm sorry. I had to laugh when I found this on the bulletin board not long ago:

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