Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joey's birthday

Still catching up—Joey's birthday was September 22nd, back in the black hole months.

It fell on a Wednesday, so we didn't have time for a nice breakfast before school, but we did let Joey open one present.

And he got Dunford's chocolate doughnuts for his class treat.

He picked crepes for his birthday dinner, and then we opened the rest of his presents. He has been telling us that he wants to be a chemist when he grows up for a couple of years now, so he got a book on experiments, and another book on the periodic table.

But he was most excited about his latest Wii game.

We decided years ago that friend parties would only happen on the kids' odd years, up to age nine. Last year I bribed offered Joey $100 to forego his friend party, and he did. I felt a little guilty this year, and offered him a downsized version. The day after his birthday was an early-out school day, so we took his three best friends, Cole, Stephen and Max, to a movie and frozen yogurt. Robbie got to come too.

We saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice at the dollar theater, and then walked across the street to have frozen yogurt at TCBY. I didn't have to clean my house or make anything, and they all thought it was great.

Ten things about our ten year-old:
1. He is creative. He's got a book full of illustrated stories.
2. He is good at figuring out solutions to problems, math and otherwise.
3. In spite of the fact that he hates to practice, he is a talented pianist.
4. He is intense. He lives with passion, and will never be found sitting
on the wall.
5. He is smart, and is in the top math and reading classes.
6. Although he is hesitant to try new things (food, activities), he usually
likes whatever he tries (even sushi).
7. He is an extrovert. We're not sure how this happened, with two
introverts as parents, but he is very social. He makes friends easily
and loves to spend time with them.
8. He is active and athletic. He hasn't fallen in love with any one sport,
but if he does, he'll have the energy and ability to excel.
9. He is not afraid to be himself, even if it means non-conformity.
10. He sometimes accuses his parents of "hating him." Nothing could be
further from the truth. We love and appreciate Joey more than
he'll ever know.

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