Thursday, November 25, 2010

Very Thankful This Thanksgiving

I simply have too many blessing to enumerate. So this is just a recap.

This was our first year hosting the big dinner. We had sixteen: my mom and dad, my grandma, Chris, Christine & Mikey, and Cara and her kids. Cara took my favorite photo of the day—check out the view in the goblet.

Although I love this photo too, my favorite grandma with my favorite Thanksgiving food, candied yams. They have to be her candied yams though.

We couldn't all fit around the table, but the boys didn't seem to mind.

The food was amazing, and could easily be the focus of this post. But the gathering of family is what really makes this day. And there is no way I'd ever go to this much effort to eat a meal in solitude.

Here's Ainsley, attacking the poor turkey carcass after the meal.

She clearly gets her carnivore instincts from her dad.

#97 on my list of things to be grateful for today is a fridge full of yummy leftovers.

We went to Davy and Emma's for pie—I made a Tollhouse Pie and Pioneer Woman's Apple Pie, and they were both worth the hours of working out it'll take to erase.

Here we are in our post-feast comas.

I love this holiday. I am blessed and am truly grateful.


Julie said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed such a lovely day and hosted your first Thanksgiving without a hitch- and yes, that picture is wonderful - makes me REALLY want a nice camera!

I agree, what a wonderful holiday :-)

Swimmingmom said...

So, you have THE most organized fridge! Looks like it was a great day with family.

Michelle said...

Donna, I really should have taken of photo when I cleaned out the fridge the day before in anticipation of leftovers. Every surface in my kitchen was covered—it was a huge mess. And of course all that work will not be noticeable in a few day, but I'll be sure to enjoy it while it lasts. :)