Friday, November 5, 2010

Together They Could

Joey won an Award of Exellence (meaning he advances to the next level) in the Reflections contest for the second year in a row. Hopefully it won't go to his head.

Last year he won for his literature entry. This year he entered in the photography category. The theme was "Together we can."

Here is the prize-winning entry:

He took this the night before entries were due. It was already dark, so the lighting wasn't great, but it was a clever idea. Joey kept saying "I can't think of anything." We told him to quit saying what is now known as "the C word" around here. He and Rob started brainstorming things that go together, proving that the theme and taking care of lunch all at the same time.


Rachelle said...

I LOVE the photograph and the creativity!! Keep blogging Michelle, I look forward to your posts.

Julie said...

That is VERY clever - way to go Joey!

Kt said...