Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I probably should have snapped a photo at the polls to commemorate Election Day, but I didn't, so here's another catch up post. September 11, 2010. A big day, and not just because it was 9/11.

Here are Danny, Rob and Shawn, loading up the car on Friday, September 10th.

I'm thinking there must be some starting line photos, but I don't have them. Don't worry, there's no shortage of photos, this post is probably a record for me. And I only used a fraction of what I took.

We (me, my kids, Naomi, Natalie, Melissa & her kids) made the trek up to catch the action. Here we are in the long line of support vehicles.

We spotted Danny first. Still smiling after 100+ miles.

Shawn was up the road and also still smiling.

Rob rode his tail off and was already at the rest stop. He proved to himself that he could push it, but wanted to wait for his friends to finish.

Rob was happy to see us, but one rest stop with the chaos of 13 spectators was probably enough.

It made us appreciate Troy, who drove support, all the more. We still need to schedule a date for a thank you dinner. Notice that Shawn has caught up, and is eating the Subway that Troy picked up.

This was Rob's fifth Lotoja, but the first one with massage therapy.

Troy giving Danny a pep talk. To this point, Rob, Shawn and Troy had been worried about how he was holding up.

Danny was tough though, and you'd never guess that he was only fifteen, and had never ridden this far.

Here is where concern shifted to Shawn. Bye-bye Subway sandwich. I was a little hesitant to take this photo, but Shawn forgave me—he says this may be the Christmas card photo, with the caption "Do you live life until you vomit? We do."

It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect. Alpine to Jackson, only 47 miles to go.

We let the kids (even the grown up ones) play at the park before we headed to the finish line.

One more stop for cheering and a photo...

And finally the finish line.

Danny came across first, so fast, in fact, that the photo was a blur. Here he is after.

Rob stuck with Shawn until Shawn forced him to go ahead.

And in spite of some serious puking, Shawn showed that the mind can overcome the body. Kudos.

Just avoiding an IV—probably should have had it, but a Vanilla Frosty did the trick.

Our slightly illegal car ride to the hotel, while Melissa sticks it out with Shawn and the EMTs.

Being there made me appreciate this amazing feat even more. I am proud of Rob for finishing five times, even the infamous Snowtaja. I am also grateful that if he rides next year, it'll be as part of a relay team.

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Rachelle said...

Love this story and all the photos, great for the journal! Congrats to Rob too!