Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Date

With my birthday on Sunday this year, Rob took me out tonight. We saw True Grit. I'm not a huge fan of westerns, and it was a little too graphically violent for me, but the characters and cinematography were great, and we both liked it.

Wish we could say the same for the restaurant we tried. Someone recommended a small, family-run Italian place in our neighborhood called Visconti's House. We had high hopes because it smelled great when we walked in. Maybe we ordered the wrong things. We got a margherita pizza and the tortellini giardino to split. We also shared a salad and focaccia bread. The salad, bread and pizza were okay. When the tortellini, which is described as "fresh vegetables, herbs and tortellini tossed in a basil cream sauce," came out, I wish I'd had the guts to send it back. I also wish I'd taken a photo. The vegetables were Bird's Eye frozen mixed vegetables—diced carrots, corn, peas, green beans and lima beans. Really. The service was super slow, and not very personable. As we were walking out, a couple in a car said they were thinking about eating there and asked us what we thought. We told them. They probably had a yummy dinner at Cafe Normandie. Oh well, I guess you never know until you try.

It was fun (as always) to spend time alone with Rob.

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