Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

I've been procrastinating this post, mostly because as much I like to take photos, I hate seeing photos of myself. But here I am, 41 pretty darn good years behind me. I opened presents after church, and this picture by Ellie made me laugh.

Here's the close up:

Ainsley drew one too, and I got a certificate for another photography class on the back.

I also got some filters for my camera.

And, I didn't have to make dinner! We had our last Sunday dinner at Ralph and Judy's. Next week they're moving into their new high-rise condo downtown. We'll miss their house—the swimming pool, the many memories, the free parking...but we're sure to visit them at least annually, when we go to see the lights at Temple Square. :)

If I had to pick a photo-of-the-day, this would be it:

With this as a close runner-up. I thought a vertical shot would be nice, to get the house, but someone reminded me that it wouldn't fit well in the slideshow.

Overall, a good birthday. Getting older is definitely better than the alternative.

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