Thursday, February 10, 2011

This one's for you, Rachel

I figure if I'm going to post photos of my friends that they don't like, I must be willing to do the same with the photos of myself that I hate. Every time I take my point-and-shoot instead of my DSLR I am disappointed with the photos. But not even my Nikon will take away the double chin. What makes it worse is sitting next to my friend Mandy, who couldn't look bad if she tried.

In spite of the photo, it was a fun girl's night out. We had dinner at Zupa's, and went to a women's conference to hear Sheri Dew speak.

1 comment:

RLRP said...

I don't think that picture of you is that bad at all! You're funny. I guess we just need another dinner date so we can take more pictures of ourselves that we like better....