Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Belated Birthday Post

Here is Ainsley, turning five way back on October 17th.

Like Ellie, she had a Sunday birthday this year, so we were able to have her requested breakfast of crepes.

She opened her presents before church.

She was especially excited about this one:

...a unicorn pillow pet!

Rob was equally happy.

Like Ellie, she also wanted homemade pizza for dinner.

We ate and went to Backman Family History Night, where she got extra ice-cream as the birthday girl.

Five of Ainsley's favorite things:

1) Fruit. If no one else in the house ate any, I'd still have to go to Costco just to keep her supplied.

2) Friends. Not a day goes by that she doesn't ask if she can play with a friend. She makes friends easily, and will often come home from preschool, ballet or church and tell us that she has a new friend.

3) Online computer games. This is her back-up when she can't have a friend over. She especially loves and

4) Helping. She loves to set the table, make beds, sort laundry, put dishes away and even shovel walks. At dinner we ask the kids what service they've done that day, and Ainsley always has something to share.

5) Family. She is a great sister, and my buddy while the kids are at school. She loves to sit on Rob's lap, especially when she's tired. She gives the best hugs ever. We love her more than we could ever say.

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