Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Wrap-up

These recent posts are really my least favorite kind—lots of photos and a this-is-what-we-did summary. But sometimes it can't be helped.

The girls were excited to wear their matching dresses to church today, and I even let them bring their new dolls just this once. Someone in our ward (who obviously doesn't know me well) asked if I had made the dresses. Ha!

After church Robbie had fun with the boys' new balance board. This is supposed to help link the right and left sides of the brain (although normally he does it on a hard surface, and without shoes).

Then we went over to Davy and Emma's for the Riley family party, which is always the Sunday after Christmas, since Chris is busy at the bakery up until Christmas. We had a yummy non-traditional meal of Bruschetta, Lasagna and Salad, with Soda Cracker Pie for dessert.

Ellie got another matching doll dress.

Robbie and Joey loved their Hex Bugs.

But the most fun present there was the one Chris gave Christine—this cute Yorkie-Poo puppy. Even Ainsley, who is terrified of dogs, big or small, held her.

So, that's the last of our Christmas parties, and though I love the whole season, I always look forward to having everything cleaned up and put away, and slowing down our pace a little. Oh, and winter can go ahead and end now too.

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