Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Fail

There is a story behind this one pathetic photo. I've been struggling lately with the daily photo, always forgetting my camera, even forgetting to take a photo when I have my camera. A couple of times I've gone to take the photo but realized that my battery was dead. So for Ainsley's preschool program I planned ahead. I charged the battery the night before, and set my camera bag right by the door so I wouldn't forget it. I even put my point-and-shoot in the bag so that Rob could shoot video while I took photos. We got there early so we'd have good seats. I pulled out my camera...and found that I'd forgotten to put the battery back in! I wasn't happy about having to use the point-and-shoot, because the quality just isn't the same, but at least I had it. Until the battery died just after I took this shot. Photo fail. Bad mom. The sad thing is that Ainsley was just as cute as could be. My friend Deyanne was there to see her granddaughter, and said to me after, "Wow, it's too bad she doesn't have any personality." :) She is a performer.

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