Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not-Quite-Silent Night

We always look forward to our December 23rd tradition, the Marsh family party. We start with our traditional dinner of ham, au gratins, green beans, salad and rolls. I neglected to take a dinner photo. There are too many of us to sit around the table anymore, so just picture us here with plates of food.

Robbie had to write an autobiography that included an ancestor chapter. He chose to write about his great-grandpa, for whom he is named. When I went to search for a photo, I discovered that my last photo of the three Robert Backmans was taken when Robbie was still a baby. I made sure to rectify that problem at the party.

Uncle Dan always seems to have multiple kids on his lap at these gatherings.

Ainsley and Duffy were especially glad to have their buddy Charlie in town. Duff seemed pretty happy about her Littlest Pet Shop gift from Ainsley.

Ellie and Ainsley both loved their gifts too.

Robbie and Jonas broke out Mastermind within minutes of opening.

These "game day" gloves were a big hit too. These are Matt's, but we tried really hard to find some for Dan too.

Jake gave me the next couple of book group books. Looks like wrinkle cream might have been the way to go...might be time to take that Photoshop class so I can erase them. :)

Rob now has at least 27 books piled up waiting to be read. Never a bad thing.

Judy is the original photo-scrooge, so I'm happy to have a photo of her smiling. :)

After opening presents we had an impromtu recital from Amelia and Robbie. He's laughing at me for being a photo-nazi.

We had a message from Ralph, and then the traditional reading of the Christmas story, interspersed with carols.

We always end with Silent Night, and a prayer. I would not call it a silent night, but it is a great reminder of one.

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