Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Craziness

I always underestimate how busy I'll be in December. Just the regular schedule for school, kids' activities and household is more than I can handle, so throw a few extra parties, service projects and shopping into the mix, and other things (like blogging) get put on the back burner.

The madness began at 6:45 a.m. today, when I got up to put my breakfast casserole in the oven for our ward breakfast. We got to stay for about 45 minutes, most of that time spent in line to dish up food, but luckily Santa showed up just before I had to whisk the girls away to their ballet recital.

The recital was awesome: about 30 minutes long, darling costumes, a convenient location and free! Ellie was so happy to be in the same class as Amelia and Halle.

And Ainsley loves dancing with Megan. They were all so cute and fun to watch.

After the ballet recital I took Robbie and Joey to Toys R Us for a promotional event. I'm not usually this nice, but it combined two of Joey's passions, Legos and ninjas. Unfortunately, the ninjago line will not be release until January 1st, so it won't be under the Christmas tree this year, but if they manage to get a Lego Ninja Wii game by next Christmas, Joey will attain nirvana.

The girls had their fun too, at even greater personal sacrifice: we spent several hours shopping at the mall. It's bad enough without the Christmas crowds, but I needed sizing help, which I can't do online. At the top of my gratitude list today? Amazon. Here's hoping I don't have to set foot in one more store before Christmas. :)


Melissa said...

Need copies of those photos :)

Julie said...

What darling pics! You sound just like me - my December has been MUCH busier than ever anticipated - ugh. Anyway, we looked for you guys tonight at the Breinholt concert - thought you might have possibly been there.

Good luck to you during this final countdown to Christmas! Oh, and btw, Chris is so adamant about NEVER buying an expensive camera that the kids are actually getting the other alternative (ya, that would be the furry one with four legs) . . . should be fun!!