Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Freezing Photo Shoot

With Rich & Sandra and Matt & Anne both in town, we wanted to take a family photo—our last one was twelve years ago! But no one had made any arrangements, so yesterday I called my sister Cara, who agreed to this insanity. After another 45 phone calls to try and coordinate colors, then a trip to the mall because Robbie grows out of everything in about three weeks these days, we were set. We met at Memory Grove at 9:30 a.m. The lighting was just right, but we all had to hold our breath in so we wouldn't appear to be smoking. :) It was definitely cold. Cara started with our family while we waited for everyone else to get there. This may end up being next year's Christmas card photo.

Stringhams were next. Looking good, if you ignore the fact that Amelia is turning blue. :)

And here's the whole family, minus Joe, and Lisa. Hoping to photoshop them in.

Rich and Sandra's cute family, with Ralph and Judy.

I think this photo with just the kids turned out great.

Poor little Clara was done, but still looks cute.

The photo with the grandkids was kind of a joke. Shawn got video of us all being silly, trying to make them smile, and that was the real gem.

The outtakes are always fun.

Afterward we all went to see Ralph and Judy's new downtown high-rise condo. I didn't get any great photos. They have a nice view of the temple.

Then we went to lunch at The Lion House. I didn't take any photos there. Sometimes I think I don't even deserve the title of Photo Nazi. Jeez.

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