Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Rob hates all the "Hallmark holidays." Evidence here. So a few years ago I decided we needed a tradition that would work for us. I remembered from my mission the "lover's day" celebrated in Catalan. It's St. George's Day, but I always heard it called the day of the book and rose. Here's the story on that. Roses are pretty and all, but give me a book any day. So that's our tradition—everyone gets a new book, all wrapped up and placed on their dinner plate. Our dinner is crepes with fresh strawberries and cream, because twice a year for conference breakfast is just not enough for those. This is now one of my favorite holidays, and you'll notice that even the photo/holiday scrooge is smiling.


Rachelle said...

How fun we just did books this morning too (hopefully post coming soon!!), great seeing your back!!

Melissa said...

Clearly, I think it's a great idea, too. I'll have to see what books everyone got.

Julie said...

This is our tradition TOO - you know Chris thinks V-day is DUMB . . . so, it's a favorite family dinner with a surprise for each person on their plate (last year everyone got flip-flops b/c we were leaving for Hawaii the next day).

You are such a great mom!!