Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Olympics

I think the half-pipe is my favorite event. Caught the women tonight, and have the men on DVR. Can't wait to see some serious air.


Melissa said...

Apparently we were on the same wavelength. We both posted about the Olympics at the same time!

Julie said...

we LOVED the men's half pipe - I let the big kids stay up and watch . . WOW - you'll love it! I still need to do an Olympic post. Thanks for recording your thoughts from Sis. Parkin - she's such an inspiration - I needed to hear those this morning. Thanks Friend!!

Oh, and the reason Mexican Coke is better than American is b/c it's still made w/cane sugar like the original coke. The US gov. makes corn products so cheap b/c of subsidies that coke here is now made w/corn syrup, BUT you can still find cane sugar coke at Costco - it's more expensive but SO good!! OK, TMI, but thought you might like to know :-).