Thursday, February 4, 2010

King of the Wild Things

As I've been typing up the kids' schedule and instructions for our babysitters, I must say I feel validated and needed. Bonus points for dragging around my SLR to their activities all week so I could document the things we do. I was kind to Robbie's piano teacher and didn't snap a photo of her at 7:30 this morning, which left only preschool and Up With Kids on our regular Thursday schedule. Joey's been in this drama class since September, which will culminate with a play at the end of May. Although this play is written specifically so each child has several speaking lines, there are a few "lead" characters, and Joey's had his heart set on playing "Max," which is one of those. He auditioned last week, and found out today that he got the part. He even has a solo, singing "Wild Thing." He is definitely a performer. It'll be good to see some of his drama channeled instead of directed at us! :) Great job Joey!

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Amanda Morgan said...

I would love to take the boys to that play! They love plays, but we have to find venues that allow young children who sometimes forget how to whisper. This sounds perfect! Keep us posted!