Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Tis the season

For cold, coughs, strep throat, ear infections...Joey's had a nice long five-day weekend, stuck at home with a non-stop cough, ear infection, and possibly strep throat. We're up to six doctor's visits in 12 days. Robbie and Ainsley got checked the day before we left, see that post here. Then, while taking antibiotics for his strep throat, Robbie managed to get an ear infection, so Lupita had to take him in again while we were gone (thanks again!!). Yesterday I took Joey in and he did have an ear infection, and his throat looked like strep. He did pass the quick strep test, but we haven't heard back on the culture. Not that it matters much, he got antibiotics for the ear infection. Since Ainsley had a well-visit scheduled for today, they worked her in while we were there, and she got several shots. To top it all off, I took myself in with a sore throat today and am now also on antibiotics. Hopefully my quarantine will result in some time to go through my cruise photos and get some posted.

Another upside: While taking this shot of Joey, with our assorted medications in the background, I learned the secret of getting him to smile. I didn't want him to look too happy to be home sick, so I told him not to smile. And voilĂ , he couldn't stop smiling.

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