Saturday, February 20, 2010


Bonnie Parkin was the speaker at our Stake Women's Conference this morning. The brunch was good, and it's always fun to have a chance to visit.
But the meeting was the real treat. I so wish I had brought a notebook and pen. I DID, however, remember my camera, and asked Sister Parkin if I could get a photo with her. As we were taking it, she said "Why are we doing this?" and I had to laugh. That's Rob's response pretty much every time I pull out my camera. :)
There are several things I want to remember from her talk.
  • She mentioned President Eyring's talk about recording the hand of the Lord in his life in his journal. I haven't done this in way too long.

  • She said "it's pretty much impossible to be unhappy and grateful at the same time." I have found this to be true. All the more reason to recognize my blessings in writing.
  • She talked about a friend who was dying of cancer and was racked with the feeling that she hadn't done enough. She was blessed with inspiration that all of the things we should be doing (callings, scriptures, temple, etc.) are gifts for our benefit, not something to make us feel guilty. She said we don't receive 70% of God's love for doing 70% of our visiting teaching. He just loves us. Period.

  • I loved a story she told about her daugher-in-law's mother. She was in the same ward as President Kimball, and saw him wearing a new suit one week. She was a fabulous seamstress, and had some beautiful silk fabric, so she made a tie for him, and was on his doorstep to deliver it when she started doubting herself. But Sister Kimball answered the door before she could get away, and when this sister started to sort of apologetically offer her gift, Sister Kimball grabbed her by the shoulders and said "Susan, never suppress a generous thought." Love, love, love this. Definitely need to get better at it.


Melissa said...

Sounds like good stuff. Kind of wish I had been there. Thanks for writing it down so I can remember it.

Amanda Morgan said...

I love the "generous thought" quote as well. I first heard it in her talk, Personal Ministry, which I LOVE!!!! The link is here you can download to listen or read:

One of my very favorite talks. Thanks for letting me sit by you, especially since I was that rude person that had to leave early!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the link Mandy! I just finished reading the talk and will definitely be printing it and adding it to my favorites folder!

RLRP said...

Thanks for posting that - I kind of needed that today!