Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fitness challenge

Robbie's working on his Tenderfoot, and has to show improvement on several fitness indicators. Here are his scores today:

Push-ups: 5
Pull-ups: 0
Sit-ups: 19
Standing long jump: 4'6"
1/4-mile walk/run: 3:40

I've decided to join him, so I'll add my stats tomorrow after I go to the gym. This'll be a good motivator to add some high intensity interval training to my regular runs, and to be more consistent doing weights & core. We'll re-test in 30 days and hopefully this public accountability really works.

Edited—here are my stats:
Push-ups: 15 (on toes, not knees)
Pull-ups: 1/2
Sit-ups: 15 (before my back hurt too much and I called Melissa to ask for a modified version.)
Standing long-jump: 4'8"
1/4-mile run: 1:50 (I probably should have pushed a little harder on this).

It's pretty awesome to have a sports psychologist and exercise physiologist in the family—we appreciate the use of your treadmill, plus all the personal coaching and training tips, Shawn & Melis. Feel free to leave more of those in the comments, or revise this challenge. Anyone else in?

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