Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Jake

At Christmastime Ralph and Judy mentioned that Rich and Sandra might be here next year for Christmas, and I said that was great and we should try to get a family picture taken while they're here. Jake turns to me and says, "Is that REALLY the first thought that went through your head?" Yep. And that's why I brought my camera along for tonight's birthday dinner, much to the annoyance of Photo Scrooge and probably everyone else there. You can all thank me in fifty years. In addition to capturing the memory of Jake's birthday I'm documenting one of our yummiest family traditions, eating at El Farol's. Thanks again Ralph and Judy!

Also, I couldn't resist pulling out another photo from the archives in honor of Jake's birthday. This would have been taken about a month after he turned ten, fourteen years ago. As you can see, he hasn't changed a bit. We love you Jake!

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