Monday, January 18, 2010

Taco night

I don't really want to get carried away with the food pictures, but, if it merits a haiku, I guess it deserves to be the photo-of-the-day too. Rob suggested that tacos would be an appropriate dinner to pay our respects to the late founder of Taco Bell. Luckily we had all the ingredients, and it's easy to make. As a bonus, Ellie even tried one for the first time and liked it, so now that brings our total number of dinners that the whole family will eat up to about three. I'm not counting any "breakfast for dinner" foods, which are always a hit. The other meals that don't induce whining and requests for cereal are pizza, and steak/chicken with potatoes. Maybe burgers in some form, on a good day. No young gourmet prodigies here.

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