Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I still forget to take photos

I thought about pulling out my camera and setting it on the counter several times before Peggy came over, but didn't do it, and it wasn't until she was backing out of the driveway that I turned to Melissa and said "Shoot, I forgot to take pictures!" Peggy's been baking homemade wheat bread for twenty years and offered to teach us how, even coming to my house to do it, and grinding fresh wheat flour for both of us. I don't even deserve the title of photo nazi after this. Seriously.

So instead, here's my photo-of-the-day:
Our joint YM/YW activity tonight was a speaker. He's a retired prison warden, and had a powerful message about how we allow ourselves to become bound, and the key to escaping our bonds. He could have benefitted from some organized notes, but I think the kids got the point. Handcuffs are a memorable object lesson.

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Swimmingmom said...

Looks like it was an interesting speaker! Lately I've been forgetting to take pictures all the time. I'm totally missing some great baby moments :-(