Saturday, January 9, 2010

Procrastinated project

This year we are giving the young women in our ward cute, paper-covered, pocked-size (military edition) Books of Mormon for their birthdays. One of the wards in our stake had made them at an activity, and we got a copy to look at, assuming that we could figure out how to do it. I could see how it was put together, but didn't know what kind of adhesive to use. I searched online, knowing that we are not the first to do this (while I was at the distribution center picking up the books, there was a lady ahead of me in line with at least 30 of them in her basket, and she told me they were making them for each girl in her stake). I had no luck finding any reference or instruction for this, so I'm posting my trial-and-error results in case anyone else is in the same boat.

Here are the supplies you'll need for each book:
1) a military-sized Book of Mormon
2) a cute piece of cardstock
3) a paper cutter and scissors
4) ribbon
5) two brads
6) a small hole punch
7) adhesive (I used Krylon High Strength Spray Adhesive, which worked great).

First, I bought a variety of cute 12x12 paper (all on sale or clearance) and had the YW write their name on a piece that they liked (without telling them what it was for—we told them it didn't have to match their room or anything, just something they liked).

Next I laid the book on the opposite side of the paper and traced the spine and both sides to make a template. I cut the paper about 1/2" bigger than what I traced, using my paper cutter, so the edges would be straight. Then I used the scissors to cut off the corners, just leaving the traced point. Cut a notch where the spine is, as pictured below.

This next step may seem sacrilegious, and definitely felt wrong to someone who doesn't even like to bend pages or crack the spine of a book, but I couldn't figure out a way around it. I had to rip out the first and last pages, because they were glued to the cover about a quarter-inch in, so there was no way to fit the cover on. I can only hope that if the young women need to look up referenced to ziff, zion or zoram, they have a standard size set of scriptures at home.

After desecrating the holy book, take the paper, lining up the notches for the spine, and fold the edge in around the cover, so that they are creased.

Here's what it should look like:

Once you know it fits properly, I recommend removing the paper and using it to make as many templates as you need, so you don't have to repeat the tracing step each time.

Next, place your ribbon around the book, leaving enough length to tie a small bow where the pages open. Use the hole punch (a small one—I think mine is 1/8", or maybe even 1/16th") to punch through the ribbon, paper and cover, as below on both the front and back (don't worry, this will get covered):

Cut two coordinating pieces of cardstock (often two-sided, so you may be able to use the opposite side) to use on the inside of the cover. I cut mine 3 1/4" x 5". Then spray these pieces with adhesive and apply immediately (the directions say it will be a stronger bond if you wait 30 seconds before applying, but I found it was too tacky to position and made a mess). There is no need to glue the outside cover first, the inside cover will hold it in place. I used a piece of wax paper to set the inside pieces on while I sprayed them. Also, while we're on the adhesive, I mentioned trial and error, and I don't recommend a glue gun—it'll work, but it's too thick.

Here's the finished product:
I think they turned out super-cute, and they're just the right size to carry in a purse. Ellie is begging me to make one for her. She may get the one I used the glue-gun on for now.


RLRP said...

Oh no!!!! I hate being totally cuted out by something and then I WANT to do it too and then I have a huge project ahead. Why did you do this to me???? Cute, dangit. Great idea.

Amanda Morgan said...

So darling! Would you mind making 80 more for the primary? ;)

Jodi said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I gave Chloe one of these books last week and then saw someone with a cute cover and longer. Super cute!

Julie said...

wow - look at you, blogging and crafting away! Makes my week appear quite pathetic. Thanks for the step by step directions - I put these little B of M in our stockings this year so we could keep them close - now i'm going to need to make them CUTE!!

Hope you are well - i'm sick now, and finally catching up on blogs :-).