Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OCD: it must be genetic

Well, I was saving my photo of the day for book group tonight, but I couldn't resist posting this one:
Ainsley came to me and said, "Mom, want to see how I cleaned the bathroom?" Knowing how that kind of "help" usually pans out, I hurried back to access the damage. I was pleasantly surprised and slightly alarmed to find this. I think it's safe to say, genetic testing will not be necessary to prove she's mine. :)

Another great photo op happened when Ainsley wouldn't stop chasing Robbie around, trying to stick on her "Dancer of the Day" heart from ballet on him. I suggested that he just let her catch him, so HE could be the dancer of the day. They both thought this was hilarious, and he even posed for a photo:


Swimmingmom said...

I could use some of that help around here! Cute pic. of Robbie!

Jodi said...

Can I borrow her? She is welcome at my house ANY time!

Stacey said...

Cute pictures! Your kids are adorable! :)