Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remembered my camera, forgot to check the battery...

This is where I lugged my big camera, only to discover that the battery needed recharging. I did take all the photos posted on Melissa's blog, just with her camera (put those in the iPhoto folder for me, will you Melis?) It really was fun—in addition to being super-talented, Pete is great with kids. As we were on our way there, I reminded Ainsley that Scout's dad was going to be there teaching about music, and she said, "You mean Peter Breinholt?!" Just doing our part to make sure the next generation of fans is in place. :)

So, my daily-photo-by-default is a "before" picture. Even though Ainsley comes by her obsessive-compulsive organizational skills very naturally, my house has plenty of chaos. Exhibit A:
I actually have two drawers in my kitchen that hold all of my cooking utensils. And they are both organized by the "toss it in wherever you can fit it" method, simply because the kids usually put the dishes away these days, and they haven't learned to read my mind, which has a clear picture of where everything belongs. We had a professional organizer come to our ward tonight and she gave a great presentation on the process of organizing so that your family can maintain it without you hovering over them every minute. I've been planning on going through my house room-by-room to de-junk, reorganize and finish what is unfinished, so I'm excited to use some of her tips. I looked for the handouts she passed out on her website, but didn't see them—she does this presentation for free at local libraries in January and February, so if anyone is interested, here's the schedule. I'm hoping that my "after" picture won't be too long coming. :)


Melissa said...

I want copies of the fliers. Maybe I'll have to go to one of her presentations.

Melissa said...

Oh, and sorry I forgot to give you credit for the photos. I will remedy that. (we apparently have a bad habit of that.)